Yoboo celebrates International Women’s Day with two major e-commerce platforms

Manila, Philippines, March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — International Women’s Day, March 8, is a holiday that belongs to women around the world. With the improvement of the economic level and the gradual awakening of self-awareness, the role of women in the family and society has been considerably transformed and strengthened, and at the same time they are faced with more and more problems and challenges. On this International Women’s Day, yoboo is offering a host of festive breast benefits and exclusive skincare to users.

Since its establishment in 2009, Yoboo has focused on the female population, optimizing its feminine care products and services to meet women’s growing demand for a healthy and comfortable life. yoboo is committed to increasing the capacity and awareness of women and their families in medical breastfeeding, promoting advanced medical breastfeeding methods, and providing breastfeeding benefits to women and families.

Women are having children at a younger age and breastfeeding awareness is increasing year by year

COVID-19 is having a dramatic effect on everyone, and even more so on women. Reports by McKinsey and others show that women often suffer from multiple challenges, including economic as well as physical and mental.. The Philippines The Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) has said nearly two million more women aged 15-49 are expected to become pregnant following the government’s lockdown ban to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country. According to the UPPI and UNFPA study, the number of newborns in The Philippines continue to grow. Of the women who will become pregnant in 2020, 10% will be under 20 years old.

Yoboo shows gratitude and respect to women on 3.8 International Women’s Day

User-oriented, Yoboo updates its products and services to protect mothers

Unlike men, women have to switch between identities at home and in the workplace, and the pressure of a fluid and fast-paced life has put women’s health at risk. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there were 2.26 million new breast cancer patients worldwide in 2020, replacing lung cancer as the most common cancer in the world for the first time. world, and 2.3 million in 2021. In 2020, there were approximately 27.2 thousand new breast cancer patients in The Philippines. According to the breast cancer landscape in Asia Pacific (2021), The Philippines has the highest prevalence of breast cancer in Asia and the 9th highest in the world. In line with Yoboo’s mission and vision to become the most trusted and warmest Japanese mother and baby brand for babies and families around the world, Yoboo has been focusing in recent years on maternal and child health and on improving the feeding experience of parental families. Yoboo provides feeding advice to mothers and babies on social media and online stores and regularly hosts breastfeeding dialogue forums to educate mothers about science-based parenting and feeding, promoting parenting concepts professionals. With the increasing promotion of breastfeeding by the World Health Organization, more and more families South East Asia demand better quality child care. As a breast pump supply company, Yoboo provides confidence and security through its safe and authoritative medical concepts and knowledge, protecting babies’ growth with Japanese ingenuity, creating an intimate and loving feeding environment for that babies grow up in a balance of freedom and restriction. .

Generations of women have used courage, wisdom, professionalism and love to shoulder responsibility and responsibility, forming a vivid group portrait of contemporary women. Women from all walks of life create value and thrive positively through their power. As the number of newborns in The Philippines continues to rise, more and more families and women are taking on the responsibility of feeding their children. Yoboo has been deeply involved in the mother and baby industry for many years, creating an exclusive mother and baby brand for the new generation of working mothers. Yoboo is a brand of Japan dedicated to promoting advanced breastfeeding for working mothers in the new era. Yoboo focuses on scientific breastfeeding and nutrition in the field of promoting healthy nutrition for babies. Yoboo promotes advanced medical feeding concepts, optimizes the feeding process, solves feeding problems for more working mothers, and strengthens baby’s growth and development, making it easier for babies. mothers and healthier for babies. Yoboo joins in honoring every kind, hardworking, intelligent and long-term independent woman.

yobo cherish every drop of breast milk.
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