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Benjamin ‘Tony’ Atkins was one of America’s most prolific serial rapists and murderers, sexually assaulting and killing 11 women in nine months in Wayne County in the early 1990s.

The sordid tale of Atkins and his gruesome crimes is the subject of a new eBook by Oakland County resident Alan Bradley called “The Story of Benjamin Atkins,” available for 2 , $ 99 as a Kindle “single”.

Kindle singles are short essay-like projects that are typically 25-100 pages long and are mostly self-published.

Bradley, 38, of West Bloomfield Township, grew up in the same Highland Park neighborhood that most of the Atkins murders took place.

“I wanted to write about a very interesting part of our local history, but also make it a bit of a personal memory,” Bradley said. “I remember the fear felt by everyone who lived in this area and wanted to make it a part of history.”

From December 1991 and until the late summer of 1992, Atkins began to roam Woodward Avenue around the Six Mile Road intersection in search of prostitutes whom he would kidnap, rape and then strangle to death and leave in abandoned buildings.

The FBI has called its homicide spree the highest number of murders in the shortest period of any known serial killer in US history.

Eventually arrested in August 1992, Atkins, known in the press as “The Woodward Corridor Killer,” was ultimately convicted of all 11 murders and sentenced to 11 consecutive life sentences in state prison. He will serve only five years, dying of the AIDS virus on September 17, 1997.

At his trial, light was shed on Atkins’ background, revealing a troubling history of childhood sexual abuse. Atkins’ mother was said to have been a prostitute plying her trade in the presence of her young son.

Author Bradley, a graduate of Detroit Cass Tech, attended the University of Michigan and holds a master’s degree in economics from Wayne State University.

Over the past seven years, he has made a name for himself as a well-respected local film documentary maker under the pseudonym “Al Profit”. He was also published as an author before his first self-publishing effort with the Atkins eBook.

Bradley believes the changing landscape of media and the arts is ripe for projects like his recent trip to the world of self-publishing.

“It’s about being able to own your work,” he said.

He intends to publish more “unique” Kindle eBooks in the near future.

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