Walmart announces change of e-commerce manager and new management for store #8

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Walmart has hired nearly 50,000 personal shoppers for its grocery pickup service. It’s “an important step given the job didn’t exist three years ago,” said Tom Ward, senior vice president of central operations at Walmart US.

Tom Ward has been promoted to executive vice president and director of e-commerce for Walmart US ahead of Casey Carl’s upcoming departure after just eight months in the role. Carl is the third senior executive to announce a release from Walmart in recent weeks.

Walmart U.S. CEO John Furner announced the move Thursday, Jan. 20, in an internal memo. Furner joined the online merchant teams of e-commerce and Walmart stores as a single unit last year. Carl joined Walmart in September 2020 to oversee omnichannel strategy and in May 2021 Furner selected him to lead the business.

Furner said in the memo that Carl led the growth of the online business and was an advocate for Walmart’s third-party marketplace and Walmart’s fulfillment services.

Ward, who was handpicked to lead Walmart’s training academies in May 2015 by then-Walmart US chief operating officer Judith McKenna, worked for six years at Asda, the former Walmart grocery retailer located UK.

Ward has risen through the ranks since joining Walmart US in 2015. He spent the first two and a half years running the academies, and in October 2017 he was promoted to manage digital operations, e-commerce, online grocery and last mile delivery. A year later, he was promoted to the level of senior vice president with more responsibilities in these areas. In January 2020 Ward was named Head of Customer Product Services and in May 2021 he became Senior Vice President of Last Mile, Home and Drone/Automated Vehicles. Ward also became a board member of retail giant Walmex’s Mexican subsidiary in April 2021.

Furner said in the memo that Ward’s promotion is effective Feb. 1, which begins Walmart’s fiscal year. He credits Ward with the key role in building and scaling Walmart’s online grocery business and he worked with the e-commerce unit to lead the last-mile delivery business.

Furner said in his new role, Ward will oversee site operations, marketplace, Walmart fulfillment services, omni returns, and pickup and delivery. He said the company is still evaluating who will replace Ward’s position and duties.

Ward wasn’t the only move Furner announced Thursday.

“With the growing connection between our business strategy and the incubation work being done by the Store #8 team, we have made the decision to transfer Store #8 to Jennifer Jackson, Senior Vice President of corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Scott Eckert, senior vice president of next-gen retail, Store #8 will continue to lead this work and report to Jennifer (Jackson),” Furner said in the memo.

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