Uyumsoft and the E-Commerce Women’s Club to provide e-commerce training to 3,000 women in 5 years

will offer e-commerce training to a thousand women per year

A collaboration has been established between the Turkish innovation leader Uyumsoft and the E-Commerce Women’s Club. Within the framework of the cooperation, it is expected that women entrepreneurs who wish to develop their business towards e-commerce and develop in this field will strengthen themselves in the e-commerce sector. By joining forces, Uyumsoft and the E-Commerce Women’s Club plan to offer e-Commerce training to 3,000 women in 5 years.

Tech giant Uyumsoft AŞ, which has 56% women in its business, continues to support women entrepreneurs who are taking the first step towards their dreams. As part of the campaign organized by Uyumsoft among all women members of the E-Commerce Women’s Club, the ekoCari pre-accounting software will be offered free of charge for the first 6 months and will present 50 e-Documents (e-Invoice, invoice e-Archive) every month. Uyumsoft’s business software solutions for women entrepreneurs enable businesses to run their business processes like end-to-end contactless commerce, wherever and whenever.

In parallel, UyumAkademi will provide club members with training on e-Document applications (e-Invoice, e-Archive etc.) and pre-accounting software. In these trainings, which will be delivered by the experienced and expert Uyumsoft team, club members will be able to learn the intricacies of effectively using e-Transformation applications and pre-accounting software. In addition, they will be able to ask the experts questions that interest them during the training sessions.

E-Commerce Women’s Club, whose slogan is the meeting point of competitive and stronger women in the field of e-commerce, in tune with the digital transformation, offers training, online meetings, networking and networking opportunities. leading e-commerce consultants. in the area. Sohbet Many opportunities such as news, success stories and communication through Slack will allow you to meet all the female entrepreneurs who are members.

It will allow the development of women entrepreneurs in many fields.

In the Electronic Commerce Women’s Club; entrepreneurship, branding in e-commerce, economics of e-commerce, considerations in e-commerce infrastructure, process of installing and managing e-commerce software, legal regulations regarding e-commerce, human resources process in commerce electronics, market sales, business implementation and tax practices, payment solutions, digital marketing in e-commerce, and customer loyalty are among the priorities that will develop women entrepreneurs in the field of e-commerce. -trade.

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