The Rush Brothers: conquering e-commerce with Piper Lou

Piper Lou is America’s # 1 choice for unique and original gifts for all occasions. At least, that seems to be the consensus of Piper co-founders Lou Keegan and Corey Rush, as well as the 1.5 million customers who have ordered from them since 2016.

Google searches for “unique gift ideas” and “best gift ideas for the person with everything” are consistently high, especially during the holiday season, and Piper lou is the leader in this space, killing it with their ‘as real as it gets’ drink, glassware and clothing offerings. The Rush Brothers have always focused on creating offers that allow customers to personalize things the way they want, and the Piper Lou brand really pushes that narrative with over 50 fully customizable products!

The Rush brothers have always had a pioneering spirit, especially when it comes to marketing uniquely designed clothing and gift ideas online. They also inspired others. As Ronnie McKenzie of wrote:“Keegan and Corey are the mainstays of the industry, the Titans of t-shirts, the print-on-demand teachers, the kings of our industry. I owe these guys a lot of my own success because Keegan was our original trainer back when we were learning to sell on Starting source. ”

The Brethren helped train sellers into sellers of power. People who would sell hundreds of units, with their help, would turn into selling tens of thousands of units. While Teespring has allowed them to sell millions of units and help others break through barriers when it comes to growing an e-commerce business, they applied this knowledge to create their own brand at Piper Lou. , which has now reached over 1.5 million customers worldwide. large.

Of course, the business has had its ups and downs over the years, grappling with the meteoric growth of the business. 2020 has brought a global pandemic as well as a mountain of orders for Piper Lou. The Brothers were able to steer the ship into a year of explosive sales despite the pandemic. The marketing agency they launched in 2014, Blue Pack Marketing, has also seen tremendous growth. The agency specializes in developing and managing brands for celebrities, athletes, influencers, politicians, etc. the same way they run Piper Lou. “We are able to apply the fundamentals of running a successful brand in our customers’ stores quite easily. It serves as a role model to help these celebrities manage their own brands to capitalize on their influence in the market. »Says Keegan Rush

Celebrities and athletes have the advantage of being widely known. Where Piper Lou stands out from the crowd is in her ability to have fun. “All other brands are afraid to have fun. Not us. Sarcasm runs through our veins and we are not afraid to say what other people think, ”said Corey Rush.

With the rise of e-commerce and the brother’s smart approach to online retailing, Piper Lou and Blue Pack Marketing are expected to experience exponential growth in 2022 and beyond.

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