Siemens plc – Free eBook: The PCB Assembler’s Guide to Manufacturing in the Digital Age

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March 18, 2022

What are the most important things to consider when starting a digital manufacturing business? Find out in our new e-book. Download it now.

With i4.0, PCB assemblers can react quickly to design changes, shorten product lifecycles, increase product complexity, and improve quality.

PCB assemblers need to convert large amounts of data into actionable and meaningful information in real time to stay competitive. It’s not about quantity – more data doesn’t necessarily lead to clearer information and better decision-making.

Electronics manufacturers need the right tools to turn their complex data and many data points into a unified digital thread and turn it into a competitive advantage.

Download the e-book to learn:

• Best practices for aligning OT and IT

• How to use networking systems, gateways and software platforms to automate the collection of data from machines and applications and turn that data into useful information in real time

• How to create a digital thread from concept to production

The transformation to i4.0 is feasible for every manufacturer. Get the guidance you need to make it happen.

Download the e-book here:

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