Santander Bank Polska presents a new online banking platform for large companies and businesses


Improved notification center, customizable dashboard, group work and automation of routine tasks – these are just some of the features of the new online banking system for businesses that have so far used iBiznes24 in Santander Bank Polska.

The existing iBiznes24 corporate online banking system has been completely redesigned and its new look and new features are the result of consultations with entrepreneurs and consideration of their needs. The new iBiznes24 changes the way businesses interact with banking and introduces innovative features that will dramatically improve branchless banking for large corporations and businesses. The process of creating the new system was supported by Symetria, a Polish research and design agency, who went out of their way to make the app as user-friendly as possible. The new platform is already after the testing phase and the process of transferring the first commercial customers has started. Ultimately, the new platform will be used by all commercial and corporate clients. The process has been broken down into phases in which new platform functionality will be made available and will continue over the next few quarters. Each transfer from a client to the new version of electronic banking for businesses will be preceded by direct contact with the banker.

“To make the new system as responsive as possible to the needs of Santander Bank Polska customers, we conducted user tests and in-depth interviews with employees of companies across Poland. We took a close look at how corporate clients use e-banking and identified the challenges they face. We have noticed that as their business grows and the number of banking transactions they perform online increases, they need greater transparency of the features available and the controls that help reduce the burden. possibility of making an error when performing financial transactions. We have launched the new iBiznes24 system to make using the service as intuitive as possible and tailored to their needs. Thanks to our analysis, we were able to create a revolutionary electronic banking system for corporate clients, which offers not only an intuitive design, but above all ease of use, ”said Artur Chodacki, Chief Corporate Clients Officer of Santander Bank Polska.

The relaunched iBiznes24 platform has been improved primarily in terms of the UX layer. The changes aim to make Santander Bank Polska’s online financial service even faster and easier. Users can take advantage of a new look of the e-banking dashboard and of an “onboarding” reception system, which will quickly and efficiently guide the customer through the new layout and all the available functionalities.

What sets the new iBiznes24 apart on the market is above all the dashboard, adapted to the very high demands of professional and corporate customers. This is the user’s home screen, the heart of the new system, visible immediately after logging in. This is where the user will find the most useful information. The dashboard is divided into two sections: the main view with thumbnails and widgets and the menu on the left side with shortcuts and access to important system elements. Among the widgets, users will find, for example, statistics on money transfers, overview of company finances and accounts, and information on exchange rates. Interestingly, from now on, users will be able to change the look of the desktop by adding or hiding features that they currently don’t need. Most widgets are editable. They can be activated and deactivated using the “Edit dashboard” button. The iBiznes24 menu has been designed to give clients easy access to a set of predefined templates, which will facilitate the execution of transfers and some external services such as Faktor24, SantanderTrade or One Trade Portal.

In addition, a user-friendly “help” icon has been introduced, which is visible from anywhere in the system and allows you to quickly know what particular buttons and tabs are used for. Customers can also use the search engine which will make it easier to find the necessary information on transactions or orders. In the new Notification Center, customers will find information about generated reports, important messages in the mail, or the time remaining until the session expires.

The new default settings feature allows customers to customize transaction settings. For example, in the case of wire transfers, you can choose default currencies, accounts, and specify the shipping method.

An innovative feature of the new system is the possibility of working in groups. Bank customers can exchange information with their colleagues via an integrated comment function. They can also track which parts of the system have been changed, how and by whom. The notification center available in the new iBiznes24 records this information and then, depending on the user’s role, provides a list of relevant notifications.

The changes introduced, which have resulted in an innovative electronic banking platform for businesses in the Polish market, are mainly aimed at increasing the efficiency of self-management of finances by entrepreneurs. The new tool is easy to use, saves time and, thanks to numerous system prompts, reduces the risk of errors when executing transactions.

The new iBiznes24 is also suitable for mobile devices. It was carried out using the Responsive Web Design system, thanks to which the electronic payment site adapts to any workspace on screen, regardless of the type of device the user wishes to use.

“We approached with great enthusiasm the ambitious task of accompanying Santander Bank Polska in shaping the future of corporate banking in Poland. The plan for the project was simple: to build on the strengths of the previous version of the platform, eliminate its weaknesses and exceed the expectations of the target audience with the new version of iBiznes24. Through various research methods, we have gained a deep understanding of user needs and the context of use of the system. information gained and interaction with users, we have created a unique electronic banking tool for companies and companies in the Polish market. We are currently striving to gradually achieve the high level of user experience with the implementation of the modules following from iBiznes24, ”said Piotr Chwiedziewicz, Head of Growth at Symetria.

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