Prime Minister launches e-commerce portal to promote e-commerce

Prime Minister Imran Khan has inaugurated the e-commerce portal to promote and facilitate freelancers and e-commerce in Pakistan.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony in Islamabad on Monday night, he announced a zero tax scheme for registered freelancers in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister urged young people to take advantage of the government’s incentive policies in the IT sector. He said the government is determined to remove all barriers to e-commerce.

Appreciating the efforts of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the eradication of poliomyelitis in Pakistan, Imran Khan said that he had always wanted Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-chair Bill Gates to invest in the IT sector of the Pakistan and in this regard, good news will soon be announced. Imran Khan said the government is working on an urgent basis for the promotion of the IT sector as Pakistan’s future is tied to it. He said the government has launched different trainings and crash courses to educate the youths in e-commerce.

Speaking on the occasion, the Prime Minister’s special assistant for e-commerce, Aon Abbas Bappi, said the government was making vigorous efforts to increase the volume of e-commerce from the existing four billion dollars to 7.5 billion. billion by the end of this year and nine billion by next year. He said the PTI government is the first to announce the country’s first-ever e-commerce policy which has helped increase the number of internet users to 110 million. He said there are one million active freelancers in Pakistan, comprising a large portion of female users.

Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin said Pakistan’s IT sector grew by 47 percent last year and expected growth this year was 75 percent, showing the government’s IT-friendly policies.

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