McGraw-Hill unveils the SmartBook: an ‘adaptive’ e-book for students

McGraw-Hill Education Unveils Suite of Adaptive Learning Products, Including First-
Ever Adaptive eBook, at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show

New LearnSmart Advantage Suite Brings Adaptive Technology to New Aspects of the Student
learning experience; “SmartBook” revolutionizes reading

LAS VEGAS – January 08, 2013 – Today at the international consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, McGraw-Hill Education launched a suite of adaptive learning products for higher education that use advanced technological engines to improve student learning and performance.

The new “LearnSmart Advantage” suite takes adaptive learning – one of the biggest trends in education in 2012 – beyond the realm of course study tools by using adaptive technology to deliver learning experiences. more dynamic and personalized learning through new aspects of the student learning experience. The suite includes SmartBook ™, the world’s first adaptive e-book, which revolutionizes academic reading by focusing students’ attention on content most critical to their learning.

Adaptive learning is an education method that seeks to personalize learning by using sophisticated algorithmic technology to continuously assess the knowledge, skill and confidence levels of students and design targeted study paths based on data obtained to strengthen students’ understanding in areas where they need to improve the most. By allowing students to focus their study time outside of class on the topics and concepts that are most difficult for them, adaptive learning has been shown to help students study more effectively, develop skills, and learn more. get better grades.

Adaptive learning also benefits instructors: By better preparing students for the course, adaptive learning allows instructors to spend more time exploring advanced concepts and engaging students in high-level discussions. The LearnSmart Advantage Suite builds on the success of McGraw-Hill LearnSmart ™, the industry-leading adaptive study tool. With over a million unique student users “Since the launch of LearnSmart in 2009, we have developed a deep understanding of how personalized learning through adaptive technology helps improve student performance,” said Brian Kibby, President of McGraw-Hill Higher Education. “Bringing our expertise and proven effectiveness in adaptive learning to new areas of the learning experience represents a huge opportunity, both for McGraw-Hill Education and for students, instructors and institutions across the board. the country. With the launch of SmartBook and the rest of the LearnSmart Advantage suite, we continue to lead higher education using adaptive technology to help improve student performance. “

The following new products join LearnSmart in the LearnSmart Advantage suite:

• SmartBook – an adaptive e-book that creates a more effective and efficient reading experience by assessing students’ knowledge and skill levels as they read and highlighting content that focuses their attention on topics and concepts that they still have to master. SmartBook represents a breakthrough in the field of reading, as it breaks the centuries-old tradition of books as linear experiences that suppose to be read in their entirety, and in a predefined sequence, in order to be understood.

• LearnSmart Prep – an adaptive ‘before class’ resource designed to prepare students to enter complex courses that are essential to the completion of their major or degree (such as anatomy and physiology, organic chemistry or majors in Biology) with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful on the first day of class. Students can also use LearnSmart Prep in the first few weeks of a course to ensure they are prepared for the concepts and assignments that will come later in the course.

• LearnSmart Labs – a photorealistic virtual lab experience that uses adaptive technology to enable meaningful scientific exploration and learning while eliminating many of the practical challenges of a physical lab environment. By allowing students to practice their experiments in a virtual lab, LearnSmart Labs allows students and instructors to maximize the valuable time spent in the physical lab. For online and blended courses, LearnSmart Labs offers the closest thing to a real-world physical lab experience, allowing students to virtually test the concepts they’ve learned in class without needing to access a lab. physical.

• LearnSmart Achieve – a comprehensive adaptive learning system that identifies student weaknesses and provides students with targeted content including videos, interactive activities and additional reading. LearnSmart Achieve offers students on-site tutoring at times when they may not have access to their professors and also provides a time management feature that guides students through content and resources at a pace that is convenient for them. best suited. The LearnSmart Advantage Suite enables institutions to adopt adaptive learning as an institution-wide practice, creating a cycle of improving student performance across disciplines and classes. McGraw-Hill Education also plans to offer the LearnSmart Advantage suite products to students or their parents who can purchase them directly. The company entered the mainstream adaptive technology market in the summer of 2012 when it introduced LearnSmart to sell directly to students and parents.

Availability of LearnSmart Advantage

• LearnSmart: available immediately in over 90 course areas.

• SmartBook: available in spring 2013 in more than 90 course areas.

• LearnSmart Prep: Available immediately in six course areas.

• LearnSmart Labs: available immediately for the following courses: major in biology, general chemistry, anatomy and physiology, microbiology, organic chemistry and nutrition.

• LearnSmart Achieve: available in beta in spring 2013 in more than 25 course areas.

All products in the LearnSmart Advantage suite will be available directly to students starting at $ 19.99.

McGraw-Hill Education at CES

McGraw-Hill Higher Education will demonstrate the LearnSmart Advantage suite at the “Digital Experience! From Pepcom. event on January 7. McGraw-Hill Education will be posting live tweets from the conference via its Twitter feeds (@MHEducation, @MHhighered). Additionally, Stephen Laster, Chief Digital Officer of McGraw-Hill Education, will attend the HigherEdTECH Summit at CES, a conference designed to bring together industry leaders to discuss how technology can positively impact education. superior.

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