Matteo Pittaluga shares the e-learning methodology that made Marketing Genius one of the most innovative schools in 2021 according to GFEL


Sharjah, United Arab Emirates – (Newsfile Corp. – July 31, 2021) – In this article Matteo Pittaluga, co-founder of Marketing Genius with Fabio Gallerani, shares some information on the methodology his school uses to successfully train thousands of professionals through distance learning during the global pandemic.

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When the SARS COV-2 pandemic began, many people discovered the importance of social distancing; the digitization of many jobs has accelerated and companies have started to demand professional workers dedicated to the field of online marketing.

Matteo said the pandemic has radically changed many aspects of our society.

1) What impact has this had on you mentally, economically and on your school as an institution? “

“The pandemic initially disrupted some of our projects, particularly with regard to in-person training events; just before the start of the pandemic emergency, we had a very important meeting with our students and staff in Bologna. “

“After the first weeks of change of scenery, at my school we realized that the digitization of different types of businesses was the only way to go. Without knowing it, we had already built a”pandemic proofactivity for a few years, ready to train tens of thousands of professionals in digital marketing thanks to e-learning, just as companies began to demand such professional figures. “

“The pandemic has accelerated a process for which we were already prepared in advance; rather, it was about designing new training models, which in a matter of weeks would allow even students starting from scratch to acquire specific skills for the digital world. “

“Unlike traditional universities and training centers, we already had a digital activity, both in terms of the internal organization of our staff and the training provided externally to our students.”

We realized that these professional profiles were essential for many companies in need of momentum, in a global context of upheaval for (almost) all types of companies. Some measures had to be taken before the crisis became too severe and resulted in the closure of many businesses. “

2) What actions have you taken to help your students improve their skills in a rapidly changing market?

“We have introduced an innovative methodology, based on ‘guided simulations‘: essentially, the students were distributed in virtual rooms of 10 to 15 people each, supervised by tutors. The simulation took place every Thursday and allowed the students to put into practice what they had learned in the previous lesson; for example, they optimized company websites and prepared Facebook ads. “

“Above all, the simulations took place on real company accounts, allowing students to put together concrete feedback on the validity of their approaches, refining them along the way. The tutors, in any case, supervised all the work done, keeping the students from making major mistakes. “

“The platform at the heart of our entire project was the SMM Academy, designed to train qualified and certified social media managers in just 8 weeks. So far, we have trained over 700 professionals.

3) What results have your students obtained in terms of acquired professional skills and employment opportunities?

“In a few weeks, our students learned to approach small and medium-sized businesses with the most appropriate digital strategies. “

“In particular, they have acquired important bases on:

  • Social media post creation

  • Graphics and design at a basic level, enough to create cover images and images for Facebook / Instagram accounts

  • Website optimization for eCommerce stores

Also, as they saw the results they got, they increased their level of self-esteem and were able to present themselves to companies as competent professionals. “

“Their autonomy has led them to successfully manage job interviews and to be able to promote themselves online as social media managers. Many of them even got their first clients before the program ended. “

“According to the philosophy of Marketing Genius, developing skills must go hand in hand with developing a strong mindset, which is why we have done our best to create a motivating environment: our method helps students to transform themselves by working not only on their skills but also on their self-confidence. This year we have been awarded by the Global Forum for Education and Learning (GFEL) as one of the 50 best institutions in the world thanks to our innovative training methods, it is the confirmation that we are on the right path and our drive to help our students succeed in their careers and life is paying off. “

About the company

Marketing Genius is an online business school specializing in digital marketing training. Founded in 2016 by Matteo Pittaluga and Fabio Gallerani, Marketing Genius has grown rapidly in recent years to become one of the largest research platforms in Italy and a benchmark for business owners and professionals. wishing to acquire digital marketing skills to promote their brand online.

Marketing Genius is an ASIC (International College Accreditation Service) accredited institution and was awarded in 2021 by the World Forum for Education and Learning as one of the most innovative schools in the world.


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