Long Term Stock Market Winners Selection Guide

  • In a new eBook by insider investing editor Akin Oyedele, we’ve highlighted eight star fund managers, their top results, and the top five holdings of stocks.
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Stock selection is incredibly difficult. Only 43% of all U.S. mutual funds outperformed their benchmarks in 2020, according to data from S&P Dow Jones Indices. The longer-term numbers are even worse. Over a decade, only 23% of active funds have outperformed and survived, Morningstar reported.

But that reality doesn’t deter the army of mom-and-pop stock pickers whose ranks swelled in 2020 from taking advantage of free transaction costs, a rapidly recovering market, and more free time.

It also doesn’t extinguish the success of the 23% of professional fund managers who not only outperformed the fast-growing competition brought on by passive products like exchange-traded funds, but also kept their businesses alive.

Insider’s investment team regularly polls these top long-term investors to learn more about their stock picking processes: why they got into this fast-paced industry in the first place; how they decide which stocks to buy; how they know it’s time to close a losing position and move on; which measures in an income statement or balance sheet are most important; how they keep their cool when the market collapses; what types of people they hire as co-managers; and several other questions that explain why they are successful.

In a new eBook by insider investing editor Akin Oyedele, we featured eight star fund managers, their top results, and their top five holdings in equities. We also provided an overview of their cutting edge portfolio building processes.

All featured professionals have been interviewed by Insider Investor Journalists for our annual articles on America’s Top Performing Fund Managers. Each year, they have provided us with dozens of their most compelling stock picks. But this e-book isn’t just about their choices; it’s about how they organize themselves to pick the right stocks and keep them through thick and thin.

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