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More than 70% of crowdfunded technology and design projects fail to reach their goal. With CreatorClub, you will finally get a platform that entertains community membership and e-learning for startups. This platform will facilitate the whole process of starting and growing your physical product businesses using crowdfunding and e-commerce with professional advice and guidance.

Planning crowdfunding is difficult. Throwing one is even harder. But with the progress of the crowdfunding industry over the past few years, you can’t deny the benefit of launching your startup idea with a crowdfunding campaign. CreatorClub is the premier online community membership and learning platform for startups looking to grow their physical product business through crowdfunding or e-commerce. Now you can actually plan, launch, finance and deliver with the right guidance from industry experts.

CreatorClub and Gadget Feeds

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So whether it’s sharing new ideas, asking a question, getting feedback on your campaign, product or manufacturing progress, connecting with founders, receiving support and encouragement, CreatorClub empowers you to do it all comfortably with the best resources on your side. Here’s everything you can receive by becoming a CreatorClub member.


Benefit from easy-to-follow courses taught by some of the top experts in the crowdfunding industry. The platform is constantly adding new topics specifically tailored to physical products.


Find everything you need to create a successful campaign: cheat sheets, templates, magnetic files, calculators, presentations, quizzes, assignments, and tools to help you get the best results from each course.


Participate in weekly webinars, workshops and meetups, listen to interviews, podcast episodes and attend events.


Take advantage of exclusive research, data and insights not available anywhere else on the internet. They organize and write the best content so you get everything in one place.

path to success

If you feel overwhelmed, the Success Path keeps you on track. When you get stuck, it will always show you the next step to take.


Access exclusive discounts worth over $10,000! They have researched and selected the best tools, services and partners to save you time and effort.

With an intuitive dashboard, zero distractions, multiple topics and categories, it’s super easy to get the desired information you love in no time. All you have to do is like, comment, tag, message and log in. Getting support from like-minded entrepreneurs has never been easier before.

CreatorClub Program

So whether you’re starting a new crowdfunding campaign from scratch or re-launching a failed Kickstarter campaign, CreatorClub will help you navigate the process with ease every time. Backed by top industry experts, this platform not only aims to complete their journey with crowdfunding. Their motivation is to spread out and invite the best experts in the industry to guide you through the successful launch, management and exit of your physical products business.

Currently, membership includes access to a catalog of over 25 courses taught by some of the best instructors in their space. Each course includes modules and corresponding video lessons averaging 5-10 minutes in length, plus great resources – cheat sheets, templates, magnet files, calculators, presentations, quizzes, assignments and recommended tools. The ideal time to join the club should be 3-6 months before you decide to launch your campaign.

Regular membership is $79/month/member ($790 if paid annually), but as if now they’re launching with a discount for beta group members only. As they add more content and improve the platform, the price will increase with each subsequent launch, so only early members get the discounted price. So what are you waiting for? Join the club now and come together to launch a dream crowdfunding campaign.

Madhurima Nag is Social Media Manager at Gadget Flow. She also works as a digital marketing speaker/lecturer and enjoys voicing her opinion on marketing, crowdfunding and gadgets (of course!) in general.

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