Internet has a field day with a blank e-book on PM Modi’s job growth secrets


New Delhi: A 56-page satirical e-book on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, sold through the Amazon e-commerce platform, was pulled late on Tuesday, May 25, but not before it sparked some laughter online.

It is not clear whether Amazon made the decision to delete the book itself or if the publisher-author deleted it. It is possible to self-publish books via the platform.

One of the many distinguishing factors of the book was that it was completely blank.

Published on May 23, the book is titled MASTERSTROKE: 420 Secrets That Helped PM Grow Jobs In India!. Its author bears the pseudonym “Berozgar Bhakt”. Hindi berozgar means “unemployed” and Bhakt is a slang term used for supporters of government and right-wing parties in India.

An archived version of the page selling the book can be found here.

A screenshot of the book’s Amazon sales page.

Social media users joked about the book’s continued presence on the e-commerce site.

“Fascinating reading”

The original description added to the book by its “author” read as follows:

“The nation wants to know what Modi ji has done to increase employment opportunities for India! How a great leader helped a struggling nation emerge glorious in the war against COVID-19 and take the path to prosperity.

“This book contains everything Indian Prime Minister Modi has done to increase employment among Indian citizens.”

Thread was able to independently confirm that the book had no content beyond the cover. It was priced at Rs 56 and had as many pages, in ostensible reference to the BJP repeated complaints that the Prime Minister’s “56 inch chest” is a source of strength and courage for India.

In recent times, Modi and his government have faced severe criticism in light of the Centre’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis, India’s unplanned vaccination campaign and the extremely expensive Central Vista project. which received the green light in the midst of the crisis.

Unemployment, in particular, has reached an all time high.

While the exuberant title of the book alone was revealing that it may not have been true to the sentiments directly expressed by the words on the cover page – “420” is the section of the Indian Penal Code for cheating – hundreds of critics have also written comments maintaining the same tension of tongue-in-cheek humor.

Critics comment on the book on Amazon. The Wire has scrambled the names of the users to protect their identity.

“Incredible document that shows the ability of the man in the cover photo. Well documented achievements. 7 years of chronologically documented achievements with strategies used, ”wrote one commentator.

“Mastery, fluently explains the steps our honorable prime minister has taken and how hard he has worked to increase employment opportunities for his compatriots, must read,” another wrote.

No less than 94% of the 140 overall ratings the book received were five stars.

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