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Inlaks, in collaboration with Hyosung TNS of South Korea, launched innovative biometric models of automated teller machines (ATM) – MX 5600ST, MX 8600T and MS500 at the annual retreat of the Committee of e-Business Industry Heads (CeBIH), held in Abeokuta, Ogun State. .

Inlaks Infrastructure Business Executive Director Babatope Dare said the new Hyosung self-service channels will be fully integrated by financial institutions than they are today to deliver absolute reliability, efficiency maximum and ultimate ease of use by innovative terminals.

To take advantage of new consumer demands, Dare added that Hyosung ATMs offer innovative features such as Near Field Communication (NFC), barcode, biometric fingerprint reader and many new features of security.

He noted that Inlaks has become a trusted business partner to enable banks to achieve desired values ​​for their ATM investment.

Speaking at the retreat, Hyosung TNS Global Commercial Division Vice President Chang-Hak Kim congratulated Inlaks for leading the way in providing the best self-checkout terminals in Nigeria.

He stressed that Hyosung is ready for future partnerships with Inlaks and the banking community at large.

Leaders in the e-commerce industry have applauded the innovative Hyosung ATMs following first-hand experience with the MX 5600ST, MX8600ST and MS500 models while attesting to the potential value that will be added to financial institutions at the nationwide once they are fully adopted by banks.

The MX 8600T is a unique self-service terminal with cash deposit and recycling technology using the superior technology of the neo-Bills recycling module. This sleek and slim model is easy to install and equipped with the latest technologies such as contactless reader, biometrics, barcode reader, anti-skimming protection, touch screen and functional keys.

The deposit / recycle modules feature advanced bill recognition technology and advanced transaction speed of up to 12 bills per second, up to 5 recycle cassettes and 300 bills per transaction.

MS 500 is the new Teller Cash Recycler, which can be used as a deposit and recycler by branch cashiers, or as a bulk cash vending machine by customers.

It supports a large volume of cash deposits, with a note speed of up to 12 banknotes per second and a continuous feed of deposits, enabling even faster processing of deposits and validation of banknotes.

Storage capacity can be up to 21,000 banknotes using up to seven currency cassettes and an external transit cassette for secure loading and unloading of cash.

It also has self-auditing capability and a 15-inch touchscreen user interface.

The Teller Cash Recycler is switched independently, which means it can be connected to the basic banking app without going through the switch, reducing transaction costs.

Inlaks supported the Cashless Nigeria initiative championed by the Central Bank of Nigeria through the deployment of more than 6,000 Hyosung ATMs in several banking institutions in Nigeria.

The company has also partnered with CeBIH to implement its vision to drive adoption of electronic banking services through appropriate technologies, policies, standards and innovations.

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