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(CLOCKWISE) LOCAD CEO and Co-Founder Constantin Robertz, Manila Athletica CEO Aencille Santos, Etaily CEO and Co-Founder Alexander Friedhoff, Ministry of Trade and Industry – Executive Director of the Philippine Trade and Training Center, Nelly Dillera, Digital Pilipinas Convenor and GeiserMaclang Co- Founder Amor Maclang and Nuprene Brand Manager James Fernando

As online shopping continues to take a more robust and upward trend, e-commerce leaders have emphasized the importance of maintaining good customer services to satisfy consumers.

And to help entrepreneurs get ahead and set themselves up for success, LOCAD CEO and co-founder Constantin Robertz revealed some important trends in his flagship Key E-Commerce Trends of 2022 white paper, which was discussed at the digital event “E-Commerce Trends 2022: What Online Entrepreneurs Need to Know” recently.

Customer expectations are exploding with more money being spent online than ever before and the direct-to-consumer (D2C) presence in ASEAN continues to grow. Robertz gave some important factors that businesses embarking on e-commerce should consider to attract these customers.

“We are looking for four things. It starts with a great product and a great price. And then it’s about getting people to know about your product. And the third is customer experience, end-to-end. Then the back-end work where you do all those things. This is what e-commerce is,” he shared.

He added that e-commerce is vital for SMEs by allowing them to focus on their core offerings: “As a business, you always have to ask yourself what really brings value to the core of my business? Because as entrepreneurs, even though we work hard, the day only has 24 hours and the week only has seven days. How are you going to use this limited time? »

As an e-commerce enabler, LOCAD empowers entrepreneurs to focus their time on marketing and pursuing growth opportunities.

“Delivery can be decisive for a company in this country. Although the product is really good, if the delivery is horrible, it becomes a one star rating,” says Aencille Santos, CEO of Manila Athletica.

Opportunity for all

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) – Philippine Trade and Training Center (PTTC), Nelly Dillera, stressed the need to strengthen MSME technology in the country while creating a secure and credible e-commerce ecosystem that they can use with confidence.

“The holy grail of e-commerce is to trade across traditional boundaries, outside the usual realm, starting locally and then moving nationally, regionally and globally. These movements are the ultimate test of retail, digital or online,” Dillera said.

One idea that came out of the event was that becoming the next e-commerce superstar is possible for any entrepreneur. It’s the perfect arena for parallel scammers who are building their businesses online and those who are now developing large SMEs that drive jobs and big sales right up to the reach of their biggest brand.

Government support undoubtedly plays an important role in supporting the growth of MSMEs.

“We have been fortunate to partner with government agencies such as DTI-PTTC to educate small business owners. We believe that continuing these partnerships, webinars and capacity building projects, in collaboration with the private sector, will help MSMEs grow even further. Ultimately, we can grow individually, when we grow together,” Robertz said.

Peace of Mind Award

One of the biggest challenges for businesses in 2022 is acquiring and retaining customers. With 42% of consumers reporting switching between e-commerce sites, consumers also consider better product availability and faster delivery time, other than price, as a determining factor in their brand loyalty.

In fact, according to Robertz, among the six key e-commerce trends of 2022, delivering an exceptional customer experience to customer acquisition and retention is definitely a low-hanging fruit for many MSMEs to boost their operations.

“By ensuring better product availability and faster delivery, an e-commerce business, no matter how small, can become a preferred shopping destination for customers,” he added.

Alexander Friedhoff, CEO and co-founder of Etaily, an e-commerce enabler, emphasized, “It’s about meeting and exceeding customer expectations, and engaging authentically with customers where they are. find.”

Nuprene Brand Manager James Fernando added the importance of execution in meeting customer expectations to fuel growth: “Execution, if not done right, could definitely be a very difficult situation for any business, whether large or small. For small businesses, a good online ordering experience leads to repeat purchases, and if you don’t have repeat purchases, your customer acquisition cost goes up.

In this highly competitive industry with discerning customers who demand only the best, a brand can stand out by positioning online shopping as a “complete experience,” Santos says.

“From the moment you log in to your app, the click, product navigation, payment and delivery, to the Kuya driver who comes to your house and delivers the package, it’s all worth considering by the customer,” she said.

She cites the example of reviews on major online shopping sites that are dotted with customers praising the courier or delivery person who delivered their orders.

The influx of new players, savvy consumers and the ubiquity of online shopping prove that the Philippines is poised for an online financial revolution. To become a globally competitive economy, SMEs can offer their customers their unique services and products, complemented by e-commerce capabilities that they do not have to develop themselves.

As Robertz said, “It’s very important that each of us entrepreneurs focus their time and attention on what moves a needle for our business. And to find partners, platforms and support for areas we don’t really need to focus on.

(CLOCKWISE) LOCAD CEO & Co-Founder Constantin Robertz, Manila Athletica CEO Aencille Santos, Etaily CEO & Co-Founder Alexander Friedhoff, Nuprene Brand Director James Fernando discussed on the importance of having exceptional customer service at “The E-Commerce Trends 2022: What Online Event “Online Entrepreneurs Need to Know”



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