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The world is going through a major downturn in the supply chain and logistics due to the sudden rebound in demand for goods. Will this bottleneck affect the launch of your campaign? Here’s how you can still launch your successful crowdfunding campaign.

From cars to everyday goods, the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on supply chain issues this year. Today, more and more countries are returning to normal with vaccination. But the supply chain and logistics industry faces bottlenecks due to a rapid rebound in demand for goods.

Due to this situation, the ports are congested. And this has resulted in a spike in commodity shipping prices. In fact, companies wishing to move goods find it difficult because there are simply not enough ships or containers available. In the meantime, the prices of everyday consumer goods are rising for consumers.

This shortage of the supply chain has resulted in the absence of an important technical equipment that is used in almost all technological products: semiconductors. Delivery times for many semiconductors are currently one year, and these devices are present in just about everything we use.

In fact, it’s not just the automakers that are struggling with the semiconductor chip shortage. This is expected to cause widespread shortages in everything from electronics and medical devices to technology and networking equipment.

Moreover, the disruption of global supply chains is also expected to worsen ahead of the holidays. This prediction causes shortages of certain products, delays and higher prices for consumers. Supply chain bottlenecks can also lead to major product crises. And that causes many people not to get the latest tech devices and Christmas gifts on time this year.

Now, with such a supply chain and logistics issue causing bottlenecks, it’s hard to imagine launching a crowdfunding campaign or marketing your e-commerce business with fulfillment commitments overseas. . But does that mean you need to put your campaign on hold until things pick up? Absolutely not.

Crowdfunding and e-commerce supply chain issues / Image credits: Erwan Hesry vis Unsplash

You can still continue to plan your campaign and work with experts, an agency, and your team while you wait for the supply chain and logistics issue to be resolved.

How to deal with the supply chain crisis

1. Create a waiting list

Edit your website and create a waiting list of people signing up for your newsletter. So you can notify them as soon as your product is available. This will not only help your subscribers know the timeline, but also improve your credibility. This is because you will be communicating directly with the funders even after you have delayed the delivery dates of your products.

Make sure you have an estimated restock date as part of your product page. This way, potential customers can get an idea of ​​when to expect to place their orders.

2. Continue to take orders, offer discounts, and mention delivery delays.

If you are running an eCommerce store, I recommend that you don’t mark your product as out of print like most businesses do. Instead, keep selling your product at a discounted price, based on your profit margins, and let your customers know about potential shipping delays.

By mentioning the shipping times on your crowdfunding campaign page, you will maintain transparency without risking the success of your campaign. We have often seen creators fail to respond to queries on time. This affects the overall credibility of their campaign and its long term success.

If you are launching a crowdfunding campaign in the next few weeks, make sure you have a clear statement regarding global supply chain disruptions and extend the delivery time. You need to consider going for the worst case scenario and trying to over-deliver instead of under-delivering and dealing with delays.

3. Let Gadget Flow help you

We work with hundreds of customers every month, promoting their products to our community. Our goal has always been to help businesses of all sizes (crowdfunding campaigns and e-commerce businesses) to thrive.

If you decide to work with one of our marketing plans, please be aware that our policies allow you to suspend promotions at any time. Your product may be out of stock and you may want to stop taking orders. In this case, we can easily put the promotions on hold until you have your inventory.

Global supply chain issues shouldn’t stop you from launching your product. Instead, you need to keep learning more about the progress and how things are managed to get the supply chain back on track. In the meantime, you can easily keep track of your campaign planning and launch without losing your dream project idea.

Madhurima Nag is Social Media Manager at Gadget Flow. She works aside as a digital marketing speaker / speaker and enjoys voicing her opinion on marketing, crowdfunding, and gadgets (of course!) In general.

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