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“Anyone who has the desire and the determination can sell online without prior experience.” – Fede Hidalgo.

In the past year, e-commerce has gained a lot of attention, which has been necessitated by changing consumer behavior. It is therefore crucial for businesses to integrate e-commerce. Fede Hidalgo is an e-commerce specialist sharing his expertise and helping businesses navigate the industry with ease.

Fede is the founder of tu.tienda, an educational platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to start an online store and generate sales from the get-go. The program has, to date, helped more than 500 people set up their stores.

Growing up in the digital age, Fede learned the value of digital platforms at a young age. At eleven, he started making online games and then started his very first online store. In no time at all, he was billing 300,000 euros in a month. When the COVID pandemic struck and businesses were trying to survive the ill effects and find their place in e-commerce, Fede was inspired to put his sixteen years of experience to good use. In 2020, he is launching tu.tienda.

Fede wanted to help businesses establish their place in the e-commerce market in a quick but affordable way. He charges 95 euros for the whole course. Making sure his students aren’t confused by the many complex terms, Fede breaks down e-commerce into simple, understandable sections.

People perceive selling online to be difficult and that you have to invest a lot of money. On the contrary, Fede notes that even a person with no previous experience can successfully start and operate a profitable business and do so with minimal capital as long as they are determined and ready to learn. He says he has had students who started their store with as little as 60 euros, and now they earn over two thousand euros in a single month.

Understanding the value of advertising, as part of the course, Fede also shares tips on how to create super high yielding ads. “The secret to creating effective advertising is to create advertisements that match your goals,” explains Fede. Whether you want to drive sales or promote brand recognition, understanding the intent of the ad campaign is crucial. It’s also important to note that a strategy that works for another business may or may not work for you.

In addition to sharing its expertise, Fede provides its students with warehouses to store their products. This means that you will only have to buy a product after you sell it.

As young himself and seeing that most of his students are also young, Fede aims to cut unnecessary costs. “The cost of living is high,” says Fede, not to mention the unemployment rate. Imposing additional fees on someone who is just starting out and has no reliable income leaves the person confused. As much as they are willing to give it a go, they don’t have the finances to make their dream come true.

Failure doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything. Fede made mistakes that caused him to lose money, but that didn’t mean he gave up. He says the countless mistakes and failures are part of the reason he’s successful today. He also notes that some of these mistakes could have been avoided had he had the knowledge and expertise he now has. While it is impossible to undo the mistakes of the past, he uses his knowledge to help other entrepreneurs avoid making similar mistakes.

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