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ExpoBazaar – a subsidiary of India Expo Mart, Greater Noida is a cross-border B2B e-marketplace and is set to debut at the IHGF Delhi 2022 fair on March 30. The platform enables Indian companies to market their products to ready-made customers. buy, from verified independent retailers and small businesses around the world.

B2B e-commerce has grown exponentially in India over the past few years and is expected to reach $1 trillion by 2024. ExpoBazaar has identified key markets worldwide and will launch the e-marketplace for the US market in the first phase, followed by India and the rest of the world in the next phase.

The digital platform, which hosts over 15 categories such as home decor, kitchen and dining, furniture, jewelry and more, was designed during the pandemic to enable Indian makers and artisans to reach global markets with minimal effort. ExpoBazaar currently covers over 500 sub-categories and has already onboarded over 100 seller partners to begin their journey to international markets.

“We are redefining B2B e-commerce,” said Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Chairman of India Expo Mart and Managing Director of Export Promotions Council for Handicrafts (EPCH). Explaining what differentiates ExpoBazaar from existing B2B e-commerce platforms, he added, “We want to create a trusted and transparent community of buyers and sellers around the world. ExpoBazaar sellers have uninterrupted access to our onboarding, marketing, and sourcing teams to identify key processes that help create a harmonious seller-buyer ecosystem.

The platform enables Indian businesses to exhibit their handicrafts online and expand into international markets without the high operational and setup costs incurred. To ensure maximum product accessibility and visibility, ExpoBazaar conducts extensive market research and regularly provides EB selling partners with forecasts and demand analysis. This process helps selling partners produce products based on current trends and reach the right retailers.

Every product listed on ExpoBazaar is hand selected by experts to ensure buyers get the best quality products that resonate with the current demand in their market. ExpoBazaar has a dedicated team that identifies relevant products and works with vendor partners to create merchandise suitable for the respective overseas markets. “Our team of experts in the United States and India select goods that represent the best of India’s scale, diversity, rich heritage of skills, materials, crafts and industries,” said Mr. Dileep Baid, Dileep Trading Corporation. “We understand that businesses want to keep pace with the latest fashion and lifestyle trends. For this reason, these products are selected with today’s design and aesthetic preferences in mind so that our home culture reaches yours. We call it India, organized for the world,” Mr. Baid added.

Apart from supporting existing Indian exporters and manufacturers to expand their business reach, ExpoBazaar also encourages small businesses and newbies to join us and showcase their creations on the platform. To achieve this, the e-marketplace has used state-of-the-art technology and resources to create a simple yet enticing B2B e-commerce experience for its sellers and buyers. “With our global e-commerce platform, new businesses can avoid the high costs associated with operating a traditional brick-and-mortar store, accept payments online, distribute products with logistics support, reach customers in worldwide, operate their store 24 hours a day, and provide excellent customer service.Since we already have a curated website for our selling partners, we help our selling partners to develop a meaningful presence in international markets and to also generate audience interest through social media, emails, infographics and online advertisements, among other methods,” said Mr. Sarabjit Singh, ExpoBazaar

Keeping pace with technology, ExpoBazaar also offers end-to-end supply chain solutions to increase delivery times and efficiency. They focus on the Just-in-Time (JIT) model which allows their selling partners to store their inventory in warehouses managed by ExpoBazaar and are shipped directly to the buyer upon order confirmation. “The JIT model is the need of the hour because it eliminates overproduction and promotes zero-defect, zero-effect manufacturing. Our 3PL (Third Part Logistics) partner in the United States is renowned in the country and together we are making rapid progress towards reduced inventory and overhead, optimized shipments, better quality control and most importantly, better customer retention,” Mr. Rakesh said. Kumar.

ExpoBazaar has also employed over 150 sales representatives in the United States to expand its presence and help buyers and sellers understand the demand and supply of Indian handicrafts. The digital platform predicts a substantial increase in vendor partner registrations following its launch at the IHGF Delhi Fair, 2022.

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