Email Marketing Firm Whitebox Raises $ 20 Million

  • Whitebox recently announced that it has raised $ 20 million in funding. These are the details.

Whitebox – an ecommerce marketing and management technology company – recently announced that it has raised an additional $ 20 million funding round led by Delta-v Capital. And Whitebox will use the additional $ 20 million in funding to advance its e-commerce technology products and services.

Specifically, this new round of funding will accelerate improvements to Whitebox’s proprietary Omnifi technology platform while evolving operations by investing in people to meet unprecedented demand. And Delta-v is a growth-oriented investment firm with a long history of identifying category leaders. In addition, existing investors are increasing their support, including Noro-Moseley Partners, TDF Ventures, MRE Capital and Kilkea Charles.

Whitebox plans to focus the investment on its technology and its teams. And its proprietary Omnifi technology provides a better understanding of e-commerce channels to increase sales and lower costs for customers. Logistically, Whitebox is now strengthening the capacity of its network to offer even more flexibility and customization to customers whose needs are increasingly complex. The company will also use the funds to hire more experienced talent to move the business forward. In November, the company appointed Kenneth Lim as chief revenue officer.


“Today, there are many areas that brands need to be successful in order to grow profitably in e-commerce. Access to data allows them to know more about their customers than in traditional retail and use that information to make their business smarter, leaner and more profitable in real time. We can help brands succeed in the markets as well as the execution of the realization of their products. Whitebox’s team and technology are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the potential of e-commerce for brands like no other company. This additional investment not only validates the continued momentum we have achieved, but will allow us to advance our technology to take advantage of disparate data sets and deliver winning strategies across the marketing funnel and deep into operations.

– Marcus Startzel, CEO of Whitebox

“In the hyper-competitive e-commerce space, Whitebox is in a category of its own. The team’s differentiated expertise, complemented by sophisticated marketing and fulfillment technologies, delivers unmatched value to brands. Whitebox is experiencing accelerating growth and we are delighted to support them.

– Garrett Marsilio, director at Delta-v

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