Edsanta Education Partners with NTTF to Deliver AI-Powered Online Learning Platform to Improve Youth Skills



Startup Edtech Edsanta education has partnered with Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF), a leading technical training and education institution, to deliver an AI-powered e-learning platform for students by NTTF. The new NTTF digital platform powered by ‘ELITE‘by Edsanta will integrate the NTTF curriculum and allow students to identify their career paths, skill gaps and overcome them with highly relevant learning content.

From left to right: Bhanu Prasad, COO, Edsanta Education, BV Sudharshan, Deputy Managing Director, NTTF, Rohan Krishna, CEO, Edsanta Education

The Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) is a leading institution that offers a wide range of industry integrated programs for the degree and postgraduate level. Founded in 1963, the institution has always focused on providing vocational training and education to young people in India. It gained the support of the central government of India and gained popularity among many state governments. It operates from 16 centers and offers high standards of corporate and vocational training with an impressive connection to the industry. In order to provide a much more cohesive learning experience for students, NTTF launched Digital NTTF, a technology-inspired simulated digital service that aims to enhance the skills of young people and create a clear career path for them. The new digital platform will be available in more than 60 NTTF locations, accessible by 600 faculty and 55,000 students through seven degree programs that are part of NTTF’s curriculum.

Commenting on the partnership, Rohan Krishna, CEO and Co-Founder, Edsanta Education, noted, “The learning must continue! – is no longer a slogan or an option, but a reality – a necessity. to today’s graduates who change jobs up to 10 times or more in their lifetime. Half of the graduates employers seek are considered to have the wrong skills. At Edsanta, our goal is to empower students for a successful career. Our AI ELITE powered platform is customizable to each student’s needs. Every student has an independent learning style, and technology must address this effectively. Digital NTTF aims to make content available online and to offer a personalized learning journey and guidance for each student and faculty. “

Ammin Rajqotwala, President, Edsanta Education, added, “NTTF is one of the most sought after vocational training institutions in India. With the launch of Digital NTTF, we look forward to a transformational shift towards cooperative and collaborative learning. Digital learning is often seen as the habitat of young digital native institutions, and with the Digital NTTF initiative, the 60-year-old institution plans to further strengthen its global ecosystem. “

Commenting on the partnership, Dr N Reguraj, Managing Director of NTTF, noted “NTTF was launched with the aim of making a difference for thousands of young people and professionals through vocational training delivered in close collaboration with industry. We want to go further by providing a seamless digital platform that helps them learn, grow and develop. “

In addition to the above, BV Sudharshan, Deputy Managing Director of NTTF, noted, “NTTF has always been ahead and quick in finding ways to meet new challenges. Digital NTTF is the new one ‘avatar‘for NTTF which will help our students to learn effectively. It is essential to nurture students and help them develop by taking the right approach early on and equipping them with the best technology for learning and development. “

Elite by Edsanta Education offers more than 300,000 selected contents for more than 120 subjects spread over seven degree programs and more than 200 additional skills. Elite enables just-in-time learning.

About Edsanta Education

Edsanta Education is a pioneering educational technology product company to become a global leader connecting learners with highly relevant learning resources, mentors and jobs. They help users around the world to stay employable and relevant by upgrading and re-qualifying to bridge the skills gap.

For more details, please visit – elitelearning.io.

About NTTF

NTTF – an educational foundation created in 1959 – is the living symbol of Indo-Swiss cooperation; aimed at promoting targeted technical education for Indian youth. NTTF is helping industries, through its Special Collaborative Initiative for the Production of Quality Skilled Workforce, by establishing a training center in partnership with industry associations. NTTF is an IMS certified training institute (“ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & BS OHSAS 18001“).

NTTF today operates in over 60 locations across India and employs over 800 faculty members and has delivered basic training programs to over 55,000 students who are easily employable and well qualified interns. All related courses and programs are industry focused and updated based on advice from a council of prominent figures representing academics and industry. NTTF has an advanced training infrastructure. Besides conventional and newer CNC machines, NTTF has expertise in setting up “Automation Center of Excellence“and also the”Center of excellence in industry 4.O, industrial IoT, additive manufacturing / 3D printing“.

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