Ecommerce and Retailer Online Strategies Take Center Stage in February’s Plumb Club Podcasts

(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — The Plumb Club Educational Podcast Monthly Posts for February have just been added to the Learning Library. These podcasts provide retailers with crucial information to help them with their online and e-commerce strategies. Not only will retailers learn how they can best invest in their website, but they’ll also get in-depth advice on key areas essential to their online sales effectiveness.

Navigating e-commerce – 3 critical areas that make or break your business: E-commerce is a must for today’s retailer. Dillon Chen and Anthony Marotta illustrate the importance of 3 key areas of e-commerce that can improve sales effectiveness: quality item listings, strategic social media alignment, and advertising. Dillon Chen is President and Anthony Marotta is Vice President of Marketing at PAJ/Prime Art and Jewel, a leading global manufacturer that has been providing jewelry solutions to the world’s top retailers since 1976.

Six ways to invest for online success: Many retailers know what it takes to make a physical store a success, but how can they apply these same principles to their website to increase sales? On behalf of Plumb Club Member Benchmark, jewelry brand strategist and writer Cheryl Kremkow demonstrates how viewing a website as a store will improve the shopping experience for users and make the retailer a better online jeweler. She shares six ways to help refine the online shopping experience to make an online store more successful. Benchmark is an award-winning American manufacturer that has focused on design, speed of delivery, ease of use, and strong marketing support since 1973.

Plumb Club Podcasts, which are added monthly, provide strategies, insights, and immediate actionable steps from industry leaders that help retailers in a variety of business areas. The most recent podcasts, as well as previous ones, are available on the Plumb Club website under the “Resources” tab.

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