eBook-Based Learning Activity During COVID-19: Engagement Behaviors and Perceptions of Japanese Junior High School Students

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Res Pract Technol Enhance Learn. 2022;17(1):12. doi: 10.1186/s41039-022-00184-0. Published online March 21, 2022.


The recent spread of COVID-19 is forcing governments around the world to temporarily close educational institutions. In this article, we assessed the learning engagement, satisfaction and anxiety level of e-books based distance learning strategy on an e-learning platform. The research involves 358 students from an urban high school in Japan. Learning logs were analyzed to measure student engagement, while survey responses indicated their perception of the remote learning experience. Log analysis revealed that the average completion rate across 267 learning materials was 67%. We also observed a significant decrease in engagement 3 weeks after distance learning and different subjects and grades. Analysis of the survey showed that students felt both satisfaction and anxiety about remote learning. However, there were significant differences in the level of satisfaction between the different years. Findings indicated that (1) keeping students engaged is a challenge for remote learning in secondary schools, and (2) we need to alleviate student anxiety about their own classroom progress and lessons. after the break. This study is the first to report on trends in actual teaching and learning engagement, which were recorded during emergency distance learning sessions in Japanese schools. The results can inform the future implementation of remote learning in colleges.

PMID:35342459 | CPM:PMC8934909 | DO I:10.1186/s41039-022-00184-0

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