E-book: ‘Equal pay for women and men: the most important legislative initiatives at European and national level’

Although the right to equal pay for women and men has long been included in anti-discrimination law, there is still a difference in pay between women and men. This is why this subject is high on the legislator’s agenda. This e-book gives a practical overview of the most important initiatives for new legislation at European and national level, and the consequences they imply for employers.

The pay gap between women and men remains a problem: in 2020, the gender pay gap in the Netherlands was 14.2%. Much of this wage gap cannot be explained by objective reasons. It is for this reason that new legislation is being drawn up, both at European and national level, to promote equal pay for men and women.

Two important initiatives are: (1) the bill of initiative aiming at the introduction of a certificate proving that women and men receive equal pay for work of equal value; and (2) the European Commission’s proposal for a directive on strengthening the principle of equal pay for men and women. Both proposals aim to increase pay transparency.

This publication explains these initiatives and discusses in more detail their implications for employers.

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