DFCU reorganizes its omnichannel e-banking platform



KAMPALA, Bank Uganda-DFCU has revamped its Omni-Channel -e banking platform with the aim of extending reliable and faster banking services to their customers across the country.

The online banking platform was first introduced in 2011 with the aim of providing a convenient and seamless experience for customers using smart phones, smartphones and the internet.

The new ICT platform will allow banks and customers to track and manage their accounts using ICT gadgets such as smart phones.

At the launch of the platform at the bank’s headquarters in Kampala, Chief Business Officer and Executive Director of DFCU Bank, William Ssekabembe, said the bank is committed to providing quality financial services to its customers by using modern technologies that will save their customers time.

“Our commitment is to continue to invest more in technology so that our customers can benefit from the required convenience. We still have a lot in reserve and very soon we will be launching our bank agent, ”he said.

He said the bank will continue to invest in technology as it lowers the cost of doing business for the bank and also helps the financial institution generate more income at the end of the year.

Head of consumer banking, Denis Kibukamusoke, told the reporter that the revamped platform will also support multiple financial transactions in both local and international currencies.

“We have improved our e-Banking platform to offer an exceptional user experience and guarantee an enriched customer experience for our private and business customers. DFCU Quick Banking is Omni-Channel offering customers multiple ways to transact in USD using multifunction phones, online and smartphones. But more importantly, our new platform aims to deliver a seamless and consistent online banking experience that focuses less on transactions and more on customer experience, ”said Kibukamusoke.

The revamped platform will allow customers to track and manage their account activity; perform multiple transactions and maintain full control of their bank accounts anywhere, anytime on a range of devices, including cellphones, tablets and computers, without the need to go to the bank.

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