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Hafiz Ahmed, a multi-faceted and talented entrepreneur, is spiraling to the top of the e-commerce industry.

Much has been said and discussed about the rise and emergence of the new group of young entrepreneurs who have flooded today’s business world. Various sectors and industries in the business world have seen the magic of these entrepreneurs who failed to disappoint millions and millions of customers across the globe. They have spared no effort to strive for excellence in each of their endeavors and have achieved amazing results over a period of time. If millennials weren’t enough, the Gen Z group rose to the occasion by blessing each area and niche in many ways and shaking things up within the company. New startups and businesses have taken off in a big way lately, making everything possible on the net available to masses and wider customers. The e-commerce space has built a robust structure and process that ensures the delivery of countless products to customers in record time. Let’s read about one such passionate and driven e-commerce entrepreneur, Hafiz Ahmed, who has been on industry networks taking leaps and bounds instead of excellence.

Coming from a modest background, the path to success for Hafiz Ahmed was not rosy. Hafiz Ahmed had to go above and beyond to establish himself as one of the most sought-after e-commerce entrepreneurs in the world. Building a stellar work ethic with the highest levels of professionalism, Hafiz Ahmed tops the list when it comes to the eCommerce industry. Hafiz was mesmerized by the digital and technological world and embarked on his magical journey in 2012 and since then there has been no looking back for him. After working for Amazon as a seller of textile items, Hafiz launched many Amazon products and provided fantastic services in this field of e-commerce. Taking her knowledge to the next level in the e-commerce industry, Hafiz learned the industry tips and tricks to become a true blue professional.

Today, Hafiz Ahmed is the founder and owner of his new business which started in 2018 and acts as a key service provider and training platform for Amazon products. Catering to an elite roster of clientele, they have overseen and supervised multiple accounts, rendered services and conducted training sessions for young people in different cities to educate them on the Amazon product set, pick and sell strategies. .

Hafiz Ahmed wants to train and mentor many other budding young entrepreneurs in the e-commerce network and hopes to inspire a generation to come.

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